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Las Vegas Appellate Attorney

Sometimes the initial trial and decision is not the end of the matter. There are several ways you can appeal a verdict handed down at trial. If you hope to appeal the verdict, it is important to have the counsel of an attorney familiar with the appeals process. At the Las Vegas law offices of Prince | Keating, we offer plaintiff and defense services in appellate courts throughout the state of Nevada.

Our Las Vegas lawyers at Prince | Keating are committed to serving your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Appeals Court Lawyer Serving the Reno and Las Vegas Area

An appeal is usually based on points of law and procedure, rather than on the facts of the matter. An appellant must demonstrate that the mistake or misinterpretation was the cause of the unfavorable verdict. When our law firm represent appellants, we review and analyze the transcript of the trial, seeking evidence of judicial abuse, incorrect jury instructions or attorney errors at the trial court level. We use our findings to draft a persuasive brief for the appeals court to review and argue the points of law before the court.

Even if you win at trial, your opponent might appeal the court's decision. We will work to protect your position, analyze the appellant's brief, review the supporting records, and present oral arguments to the appeals panel. We work to preserve the original judgment or verdict.

Seek Counsel Regarding Your Unique Situation

If you believe you may need to appeal, or if you received notice that the verdict is being appealed, it is important to seek legal advice quickly. There are time limits on filing an appeal. If you are the respondent, the more time you have to develop a response, the better your chances of prevailing.

Not every law firm handles appeals. If your opponent has appealed or you would like to contest a verdict, we can defend your interests in appellate court. We have handled many appeals for clients after another firm handled the trial.

Contact Our Nevada Law Firm for Appellate Work

Our law firm handles all types of appeals, from those involving insurance claims to those involving professional negligence. At the Las Vegas law offices of Prince | Keating, we will use our resources and experience to provide you with strong representation at the appellate level. Contact us to discuss an appeal.

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